October Weekend SEO Certification Course Graduates

Updated on: 16 November 2014

Congratulation to our October batch of SEO certification course graduates.


Here are some of their testimonials:

“I find this program very useful and practical. Alan is a very good trainer. Its really hands-on and help us a lot to understand and acquire the skills.”
– Alwee, keen to start an online business

“I like this SEO training because Alan is quite generous in sharing. If you really want to learn about SEO, Alan is a very good coach.”
– Hong Yie, auditor

“He is very experience and knowledgable about SEO. His terms are more layman, even though if you don’t really know SEO, he will explain clearly to you. I recommend his course.”
– Chris, printing business owner

“What I learnt so far have really impressed me….. It give me a clearer picture of how the overall SEO works.”
– Tuan Teck, property agent

“The course has been pretty intensive and Alan has taught us many useful tips. His team has been very helpful in teaching and guiding us on how to rank our website to Google page #1. Its very useful, you should all join it.”
– Li Ying, banker

“Alan really know his stuffs. Through his teaching, I learn a lot on how to improve my website ranking.”
– Yu Gui, business owner

“I like the course a lot….. His method is very good and very practical to SEO. I truly recommend everyone to join the class.”
– Gary, mobile app developer

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