October 2016 SEO course graduate students

Updated on: 14 November 2016

After a 1 month break due to our overseas business trip and the renovation of our new training room, we are back for another class of SEO training!

We are pleased to launch 2 classes (weekday and weekend) and also a private group training.




Let’s take a look at their testimonials:

“The course is very enriching. I have built websites before and after these 2 days, I realized some of the mistakes I have done, that is why my pages are not ranking. Alan is very sincere and he share his knowledge. He opened up his secrets to all of us. This (course) is very beneficial and you should come.” – Eng Kee

“I came here with an open mind. I am an IT idiot, I don’t know anything about programming and I wanted to know more about SEO. After these 2 days, Alan really coached us about the practical aspects of SEO. Now, I am more confident to do better to rank my website.” – Yuen Sheng

This is my second time attending the class (recourse). I got my first website ranked and I’ve seen improvement in my website now. I have totally ignored AdWords (Pay per click). The reason why I am here again is because apparently (Google) has a lot of updates so I need to catch back with competition and I know Alan is the best person to talk to about SEO.” – Don

“Alan has done a really good job with the SEO course and he is really knowledgeable about the subject and that is why he has ranked number 1 for so long.” – David

“Joining the class is challenging because I have zero knowledge about SEO however, I can apply this to my upcoming websites. This is a very new knowledge for me!” – Mikael

Thank you once again for your support! For those who are keen to find out more about our SEO training, you can visit this link: https://www.impossible.sg/seo-certification-course

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