May weekend SEO Certification Course

Updated on: 7 June 2015


Congrats to our May weekend SEO graduate students.
Let’s view their testimonials after attending our class.

“I have no background in SEO. I thought it would be pretty intimidating with all sorts of technical jargon that I’m not familiar with but it was very user friendly as Alan explained it in a way that I could understand which was very helpful. Course is pretty good, I learnt quite a lot.”
– Caryn

“I know nothing about SEO but after 2 days training I really learnt a lot. The training is really really very in-depth.”
– Michael

“Before I attend Alan’s course, I use to think SEO is like rocket science to me. Alan has structured the course very well and very concise to make me understand that SEO is not that difficult after all.”
– Terence

“Like a clueless soul in the beginning, I did not know what to expect but I really want to rank my website badly. After attending the course for 2 days, I’m hopeful. Very inspired by Alan’s teaching as well as his personality. Course is well worth it, two thumbs up.”
– Joe

“I have benefitted a lot from Alan’s course. He structured the course to be very simple and easy to understand.”
– Mulikah

“Alan is very forthcoming and straightforward with his teaching. So if you want to learn SEO, Alan is a very good coach, very patient.”
– Aric

“Before the course, I have zero knowledge about SEO. After attending the course, there is overwhelming amount of information. Thank you Alan for imparting all his knowledge.”
– Lorraine

“I am totally new to SEO but my friend recommended Alan’s course. After attending, I think it’s really knowledgeable and I really learnt a lot of things.”
– Jamie

“I’m already ranked on page 1 of Google but I wanted to hit first ranking in page 1. To avoid heading towards a wrong direction, I head towards someone capable of ranking 1st on Google page 1. After attending the course, I have a better direction.”
– Ken

“I attended this course to learn and understand more about Search Engine Optimization. I came here as a very blur “sotong” but now the “blurness” dropped.”
– Jasmine

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