May SEO Certification Course Graduate Students

Updated on: 20 May 2015


Congrats to our May 2015 students for attending our SEO training and passing our test. They are ready to dominate Google with their newly acquired SEO knowledge.

Let’s take a look at their testimonials after the course:

“Initially I thought SEO is just more about back linking but it’s not the truth, there’re many things that we need to work out. Alan’s course is quite simple, step-by-step for us to go through the actual SEO activities.”
– Tat Kee

“Alan’s course is really amazing. He shares all tips and techniques and I don’t think he’s holding anything back. I like the support and the initiatives that he’s doing.”
– Daniel

“Regarding IT and SEO, I’m not familiar. After attending the 2 days course, I found it very informative. Alan broke it down to very simple, bite-size and easy to understand instruction for someone like me. If you don’t have any technical knowledge, you can still go through this course, it will be a good fit for you.”
– Jovi

“I pretty much know nothing about SEO but now I know a lot more. Definitely the course was helpful, I learnt a lot and I can already start to use it for the company I currently work for to help them.”
– Scott

“Before I join Alan’s course, I know nuts about SEO. After these 2 days, I know the mechanics of SEO. Alan is a proven SEO trainer because his websites are proven to be top ranked.”
– Michael

“I find the course very enriching. Prior to this, I do not know much about SEO. I really think that the application is really practical and it can be done because he have shown us on his own website that he has made it possible.”
– Randy

“The course is definitely very interesting. Prior to attending this program, I’m really IT illiterate and now I’m very overwhelmed because there’s a lot things to do.”
– Stephen

“I learnt a lot of things especially because I’m not well versed in IT and SEO jargon terms.”
– Joanne

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