May Private SEO training

Updated on: 15 June 2015


Another batch of SEO training private class.

Let’s take a look at their testimonials:

“Before attending Alan’s class, I feel that SEO is very difficult because I tried to learn online but I cannot understand. After attending Alan’s class, I feel that it’s easier to understand and SEO is not as scary. Now I have the confidence to rank up my page.”
– Vivi

“Alan is very experienced in SEO and trains quite well. This course is very informative and a lot of tips and advices shared by Alan.”
– Desmond

“This course is detailed, informative and quite in-depth into SEO. Alan actually teach step-by-step into SEO.”
– Pei Fen

“I find this course very knowledgable and I learnt quite a lot from Alan.”
– Ting

“I basically have no knowledge of SEO till I attended Alan’s course which is quite interesting.”
– Alvin 

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