January weekday SEO certification course graduate students

Updated on: 3 February 2015
Our January 2015 students!
Our January 2015 students!

Congratulation to our January batch of SEO students. After 2 days on intensive hands-on SEO training, they are ready to dominate Google page #1 organic results. Lets hear what they say about our course:

“I tried to learn about SEO on my own but it doesn’t work. I also went to different Internet Marketing company and after going through different seminars, I wasn’t very comfortable. But, Alan Koh, actually I was very impress because he really show it EVIDENTLY how it is being done. Now after I’m done with the course and yes, he is the real deal. You should come!!”
– Rebecca

“At first I was quite skeptical about the course. I did some research and I know how intensive SEO were. But I’m happy and lucky that I joined this course. I learn a lot of things from Alan. He is very very patient together with his other mentors. You guys should just come forward and join us.”
– Chubb

“Before I come to this course, I have some basic knowledge about SEO. After attended this course, it really show me the bigger picture – how to structure and strategise your SEO. I would recommend this course.”
– Hairun

“I benefited a lot and I learn a lot. I believe anyone who is keen in enrolling yourself in this course, I can GUARANTEE you that you will get a lot of knowledge and you can apply this to your company and any trade you are in. Don’t miss this!”
– Sunny

“Im very glad to have sign up for this course. Alan is really generous in giving us his “know-how” and all his “kung fu”. It equip me as a layman to start my Internet Marketing.”
– Benny

“Alan is one of the best coaches around. He really know his stuffs about SEO. And the things he teach is really applicable and its very easy to use.”
– Alvin

“I have a website but it’s nowhere to be found. Alan has help me understand SEO a lot and I hope that through this course I can bring up my ranking to 1st page.”
– Gareth

“Im not really the kind that study a lot so I don’t like going to class. But in Alan’s class its actually very interesting. Instead of feeling bored, Im feeling excited. All these things I though SEO was so difficult, Alan made it so simple. Thank you Alan.”
– Ryuju

“I learn myself about SEO online but I cannot grab the structure on how SEO works. But Alan taught me about all the structure and hopefully I can push my website to the 1st page.”
– Fendi

“I seriously would recommend anyone who is interested to attend the course. It has a lot of details, explain step-by-step and very slowly. Thank you!”
– Alvin

“Before the course I don’t have clear idea of SEO. After the course, I know how to implement SEO so that it will pump up my website ranking and it will help me in my future career. I highly recommend this course to anyone who is interested in SEO.”
– Gabriel

“The course is pretty good. Alan breaks down the course step by step. I highly recommend it.”
– Glenn

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