Is There A Version of Google that Excludes Backlinks as a Ranking Factor?

Updated on: 21 August 2014

Quality Backlinks is an important ranking factor for SEO. Through backlinks, a blogger A for example, can write a post about home improvement methods, and blogger B reads about it and decide to share it in her blog. From this, a backlink is created and it helps to improve blogger A website search ranking. Some people are curious about whether backlinks are really that relevant and if they can be excluded in Google’s ranking factors. Matt Cutts, Google head of search spam answers the question: “Is there a version of Google that excludes backlinks as a ranking factor?”.

Highlights of the Video:

  • Google does not have any version that excludes backlinks that is available to the public. Although, the company does have test versions that they use for internal purposes only. The company’s version is used to check how not including such types of links can affect webpage rankings.
  • Google, per Matt Cutts, entertains the thought of excluding backlinks, but this idea has and will be staying indoors for the mean time.
  • Backlinks can still be considered as one of the most pertinent factors in terms of determining which websites should part of the top SEO rankings.
  • Matt Cutts also mentions in the video that backlinks still hold a lot of weight because these still provide relevant and topical search results.

In order to get higher SEO rankings, you should:

  • Create backlinks to your website. Not only backlinks, but also quality backlinks with high Page Rank.
  • Create unique and interesting contents in your website. This will encourage your followers to share your contents and create additional links to your website.

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