How many links on a page should you have?

Updated on: 8 September 2014

Ranking on top of the result pages of major search engines such as Google is a tough challenge especially in the overloaded virtual world. Thus, you need to know and understand the right SEO techniques (On-page SEO and Off-page SEO) to rank well in Google Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Building back links is one of the most important lessons in the field of SEO. Your website can achieve high SERP ranking if you know how to properly and effectively build back links coupled with quality contents.

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Experts in Google Webmasters answered the following question for better link usage and site ranking: “How many links on a site page is recommended? Is there a limit to the links you must have in your page?”

  • According to Google experts, the initial recommendation and technical guidelines they provided in terms of links quantity per page is roughly within the 100 links limit.
  • A lot of people previously assumed that if they have 102 or more links, Google will not index their page and that they will automatically be marked spam. This is a common misconception in terms of link usage.
  • Experts emphasized that the web changes and evolves and the guidelines on link usage have also been modified.
  • Google recognizes that websites became much bigger with much richer media used thus it is common to have aggregators where links could be used.
  • In the present, Google changed their link usage and quantity guidelines and advises users to keep link quantities to a reasonable limit.
  • Google may have limits on the file size but is using technological tools to process the links used on a page.

In order to enhance your online marketing campaign, you should:

  • Don’t be affected with the number of links to your website. May sure links to your website are legitimate back links and not purchase from any link farm.
  • Focus to build social media back links as its recommended by Google webmaster.

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