How can Linkedin boost sales and drive traffic?

Updated on: 31 October 2015

Online marketers understand that success usually depends on traffic and conversions. In this regard, any online marketing strategy that they embrace must focus on boosting sales while driving traffic. LinkedIn provides a powerful social media marketing platform for online marketers to achieve just that. It is amazing that marketers have not utilized LinkedIn as much as they should have when marketing their businesses or products and services.

With LinkedIn, a marketing team can see a huge improvement in not only sales but also traffic to its website. Increased traffic is one of the surest ways of seeing a massive improvement in sales. LinkedIn is full of decision makers who could help the business move to the next level in terms of sales and growth. Potential clients are all over LinkedIn, and with the right strategy, you can convince them to visit your online business and make purchases.

Below are some of the things to focus on in your Linkedin profile:

Creating a killer profile

The human eye cannot help but feel drawn to attractive things. Creating a killer profile in LinkedIn means capturing people’s attention. Ensure that the profile is not only professional but also complete. Display your qualifications to the LinkedIn audience.

Increasing Connections

Accepting more people in LinkedIn as connections or friends will provide your business with a great opportunity of seeing an increase in sales and traffic. Focus on increasing the 1st Degree connections and the clicks and traffic to the e-commerce site will build up exponentially.

Updating your status often

Increased LinkedIn activity will encourage an increase in clicks and traffic to your website. The traction that posts on LinkedIn provide exceeds what you can ever hope to gain from either Twitter or Facebook.

Joining targeted groups

Groups within LinkedIn provide the perfect platform through which to share articles as well as links. Join as many of these groups as possible and use them to post links to your e-commerce website if increasing traffic and sales happen to be some of your goals.

Creating a group targeting a specific industry

Create such a group and use it to engage the audience in heated discussions about your company or other important topics. Find creative ways of encouraging members of that group to visit your e-commerce website.

Customizing profile links

Find ways of replacing generic links that use terms such as “my blog” or “my website” that are a common feature in LinkedIn. Instead of such generic links, use creative ways to insert “calls to action” and see the traffic to your website as well as sales increase massively.

Using the blog app

Insert a blog app to your LinkedIn profile. The app will display all the most recent articles you published on the blog to the LinkedIn profile. This increases the appearance of your profile while convincing viewers of one more reason for visiting your website.

Finally, other steps that you should take to use LinkedIn in increasing sales and driving traffic to your website include creating a call to action. Active participation in ‘Question and Answers’ will also bring more traffic your way, thereby increasing your chances of seeing a huge improvement in terms of sales, which your business needs in order to grow and turn into a profitable venture.

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