December Weekend SEO Certification Course Graduate Students

Updated on: 11 January 2015


Our december weekend batch of SEO training class. This group of students are passionate about Internet marketing and they are ready to dominate Google with their newly acquired SEO skills.

Here are some of their testimonials:

“I find the course really informative. A lot of practical, a lot of case studies, a lot of hands-on. Its good for both people who have a website and also who does not have a website. Fully recommended.”
– Hendra, business owner

“If you are looking for a SEO trainer, you should learn from the best. Alan’s Impossible Marketing is the the best ranked for SEO.”
– Damon, web developer

“Course is useful with plenty of real life example. I highly recommend this course.”
– Lisa, Property Agent

“This is really accelerated learning. It writes off a lot of the wrong thing we learn on the Internet. It’s certainly worth the price that we are paid for it.”
– Ethan, keen to start his online business

“Alan is very patient. Everything is very detailed and bring out the gist about SEO. I recommend this course to everyone who is interested to bring their website to the 1st ranking.”   
– Dan, web developer

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