Can I Place Multiple Breadcrumbs on a Page?

Updated on: 4 August 2014

This video supplements knowledge to the online marketing query: “Can I Place Multiple Breadcrumbs on a Page?” People utilizing the web are weary about the logical structures of their sites and how multiple breadcrumbs affect the pathways of links leading to their page. Matt Cutts briefly discussed this issue through this video.

Consider updating yourself on the following informative notes on SEO:

What is a Breadcrumb?

It is a link used in the websites that help users easily find where they have landed on during the first time. It will also help them find their current location in the web whenever they access it.

What are the types of Breadcrumbs?

  • Location-based breadcrumbs are breadcrumbs that show the user the location of the current page applicable to the site’s whole structure. This is more advisable since it avoids the problem of creating duplicate content.
  • Path-based breadcrumbs are the ones that visualize the path that the user took landing on the current page. It is based on the results of web search and is possible in accessing a page through several paths.
  • Attribute-based breadcrumbs take note of the characteristics of the currently landed page.

What is a Breadcrumb Trail?

It is a set of breadcrumbs put together to aid users in understanding and navigating the hierarchy of their site.

Highlights of the Video:

Matt Cutts made his point regarding the question of placing multiple breadcrumbs on a page and listed as follows:

  • The usual website should only have one breadcrumbs.
  • If there are multiple breadcrumbs, Google picks the first one.
  • If the item belongs to multiple categories within the hierarchy, multiple breadcrumbs can be instituted to the page.

To get better SEO ranking, you should:

  • Use breadcrumbs to provide guide to site users especially in understanding their search history and path.
  • Breadcrumbs present does help Google bots to crawl better on your site.

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