April 2016 SEO hands-on training course graduate students

Updated on: 20 May 2016

Another batch of SEO training personally conducted by our principal trainer, Alan Koh.

April 2016 SEO training 1

April 2016 SEO training 2

April 2016 SEO private training

Let’s hear what our students say about his him after the 2 days SEO course.

“I find the course very informative and Alan is a very personal trainer himself. I would like to highlight that, during the course, I did not expect that there will be many practical. Alan made an effort to help everyone.
– Colin

“The class is informative and hands on. Alan has taught the ins and outs and the correct strategy to get your SEO in order.
– Jibrail

“This is my 1st time I have attended an Internet Marketing course. I find Alan’s course very detailed from start till end. I have learnt a lot from the course. I will apply his strategy and get hope to get good results in 1 month time.
– Zhi Wei

“After the 2 days course, I found out that there is really a lot to do on my website in order to get the rank up to number 1. I’m really looking forward to following Alan’s tips. Alan’s tips are really good.
– Neezam

“I thought that my website was already good but I realized that there is a lot of things that I can do and implement after attending the two days course. It may be a little overwhelming for some, but slowly if we implement all the things that Alan has taught, I believe that your website can climb up!
– Lynn

I find Alan’s course amazing and now I understand what I am doing and I’m sure that this will help my company”
– Yew Chai

“I find Alan very personal, friendly and helpful in the class. He answered all my questions. I’ve attended other SEO class and I find this class really helpful. I would recommend you guys to come!”
– Marcus

“Over the two days, Alan was a very interactive instructor. He was very detailed in his explanation and the notes given were very comprehensive. It is engaging and I learned a lot. I would definitely be able to apply the skills and knowledge that I have learn to my website. There are no regrets.”
– Calvin

“I thought I knew 40% – 50% of SEO before attending the course. Alan is very truthful and the class is very interesting and insightful. I signed up for the right course!
– Daniel

I find the class very useful and a lot of practical things that I can implement straight away”
– Jason

“I’m happy to be in the class and the team is very supportive. I will recommend this class to everyone!
– Bruce

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