5 things to prepare before launching your marketing campaign

Updated on: 26 November 2016


After you have worked so hard on a very big marketing campaign and is about to get launched, many questions keep running through your head. Is the campaign going to be successful, will it propel my business ahead, and will it make the brand an authority in the industry? However, if you have not taken the necessary steps to make your site ready, your marketing campaign will perform sub-optimally.

Before you launch that great online marketing campaign, here are five most effective ways to prepare your website.

Update the content and website

Because your marketing campaign will be redirecting all traffic to your website, it is prudent to ensure that everything rhymes with what clients are anticipating. It will be a great disappointment if visitors come to your page only to find it difficult to get opt-in forms, access the products, or poor landing page. You must ensure all these are done correctly.

Always check for broken links, grammar issues, out of date language, and other things that can turn down a potential client. The content of the website and its landscape should give users a greater appeal to continue converting and become part of your community.

Ensure your brand SEO is ready

When your campaign commences, you want followers and visitors to be able to find your brand and all associated information easily. Many visitors will want to confirm about your brand and how it has been performing before committing to opt-in, signup for your eBook, or even buy a product. Therefore, you should carry a comprehensive keyword research, establish the source of followers clicking on your site, and provide high-quality SEO optimized content.

Consider looking closer on your website analytics to know the keywords that are generating more traffic and improve them. This will give you a better understanding of the target audience and reposition the marketing strategy to enhance their experience. Remember to follow with the clients’ comments and feedbacks to understand what the target audience wants.

Make sure the website is mobile optimized

More people are browsing, buying, and connecting through their mobile phones as opposed to the common desktop computers. Therefore, you do not want to miss on this big client base by launching a campaign with a website that is not mobile-friendly.

Automate the content and social media feeds

Immediately the marketing campaign launches, the chances are that you will be very busy and might lack time to schedule and accomplish some tasks manually. Consider automating your website to do some work for you or remind you when to do some specific tasks. For example, you can get an app to release social media posts and give you real-time alerts when clients need immediate feedback.

Have your analytics right

Once you launch the campaign and it sails through, you need to review its level of success. By setting the right analytics, it will be easy to review every aspect of the campaign, establish the success rate, and learn useful lessons so that future campaigns will be more successful. By preparing the websites appropriately and launching the campaign properly, you can anticipate great results that will elevate the brand to a higher level.

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