Why getting a mobile responsive website matters a lot to your business?

Updated on: 17 August 2016

Why getting a mobile responsive wesite matters a lot to your business

The announcement by Google that it would give preference to mobile responsive sites guaranteed users of a better experience in the sites they visit. Google altered search algorithm so that useful content available across all devices could get better ranking. The following are five very important reasons why getting a mobile responsive website matters so much to your business.

Over 50% of internet searches are done via mobile devices

Today, more people are always on the go to work, holiday, gym, social places, parties, and other places. This limits the time they spend behind desktops to browse, chat, shop, and share info on social media with friends. Because of this, the smartphone and tablets have replaced the conventional computer.

This means that whether you want to run a social media marketing campaign, sell products online, or announce about anything, your website has to be mobile responsive. If you do not, chances are that the business will perform sub-optimally and marketing campaigns will fail.

Most search engines strongly favor mobile responsive websites

Though Google keeps its search Algorithm as secretive as possible, experts argue that it has developed a mobile website crawler to help rank responsive sites better compared to others. From Google to Bing and others, the trend is the same; ensuring that their users get the best on their mobile devices. In any search you make, over 85% of results are mobile friendly sites and it appears that non-responsive sites may not have a place in coming weeks. If your SEO that rides on a non-responsive website has dropped significantly, it is the high time to rethink the strategy.

Responsive web design guarantees every visitor of better experience

When a visitor browses from a responsive website, the pages load faster and does not have to keep zooming and pinching the screen because it fits well just like a desktop. The simplified readings, as well as navigability, make your followers get what they want and read more from your post. If you make the clients satisfied, be sure they will keep coming back, refer others, and even convert to sales.

Higher sales and conversion rates

If you do not run a responsive website, chances are you will require several sites to sell products or services to users in various segments is highly inefficient. However, with a clean, modern appearing, sleek, and easy to use page, customers will easily find the products, related info, reviews, blog, and all other important details to help them make decisions to buy. Well, do not give your competitor a chance to outdo you, get the best website right away to stay in touch and make your store sell 24/7.

Responsive website in the world today is a must and not an afterthought

Because people expect that their searches will bring everything they want, even website designers are shifting to mobile models. For your operation, moving to a responsive website is not an afterthought, but a strategy that must be implemented if your online marketing needs to be successful.

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