We are honoured to be the video lead for Yeo’s Cintan Noodle Series!

Updated on: 6 December 2018

A big thank you to Yeo’s, for giving us the opportunity to be the video lead for their latest promotional video series!

Featuring Yeo’s Cintan Instant Noodles, we produced a video series of a delectable 4-course menu by Chef Lam Hing from Nested Café. These videos were part of an exciting Facebook Contest on Yeo’s Facebook page, where engagement was encouraged among the users to innovate a name for each of the dishes.

It is an honour to be part of Yeo’s Video Marketing efforts in engaging and creating conversations with the local audience. Video Marketing in Singapore is highly valuable, with millions of hours’ worth of videos being watched by people every day. This online marketing strategy drives a strong interest in the community while conveying a brand’s message in an effective manner, helping to boost conversions and brand recall among consumers.

At Impossible Marketing, we believe that one video is worth your full story. With a dedicated team of professionals, we will refine your marketing efforts and increase conversion rates through compelling videos to tell your story.

Check out one of our Yeo’s videos here:

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