Vance’s website from page 12 to 9, 6 , 3 and eventually to page 1 of Google search.

Updated on: 18 June 2015
Photo of Vance taking testimonial
Photo of Vance taking testimonial

Vance attended our SEO training in February. After applying what was taught, he was disappointed as he did not see any results. Vance did not give up, he continue to apply the SEO strategy that was taught in class and his website climb from page 12 to 9, 6 , 3 and now its at page 1.

Let take a look at his testimonial.

“After attending the course, I went back very diligently to apply all the methods to my company’s website. During the 1st month, I don’t see much improvement so I somehow felt disappointed. After that I don’t give up and continue to apply the methods. Eventually after 1 month 2 month, it start from page 12 to 9, 6, 3 and till today it finally reach page 1. I eventually covered what I paid Alan so far.”
– Vance, business owner

Let’s recap of Vance 1st testimonial to our principal trainer, Alan Koh

“This course is really very practical. Alan really show what we need to do for SEO. There is a case study, so you really know what are the things you need to tweak, you need to change to improve your traffic. It really matters a lot. I really recommend people who want to improve their traffic or to 1st page of Google to attend Alan’s SEO course.”
– Vance 1st testimonial

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