Srikanth’s website has 28 keywords ranked on the 1st page of Google search

Updated on: 23 September 2016
Photo of Mr Srikhans taking testimonial
Photo of Srikanth taking testimonial

Srikanth attended our SEO training 4 months ago. Prior to that, he has attended other classes and purchase online courses to learn SEO but did not get any results. 3 months after applying what was taught during the class, his website from nowhere to be found, to the 1st page of Google search. Today, his website has 28 keywords ranked on the 1st page of Google search. Let’s take a look at his testimonial.

“I attended Alan’s class (SEO) on April. I try to apply the strategy on what he teach and I was able to get good results so I want to make a quick video testimonial on my experience.

I took a tough keyword and with Alan’s teaching, I was able to reach page 1 of Google search results. Not only for 1 keyword, I have 28 keywords that are ranking on page 1 right now. I am very happy with this.

I also want to share my previous experience that I had before joining Alan’s class. I have attended other classes and also purchase some online courses. It ended up a loss of money as I did not get any good results. With Alan’s strategy, it gives me a very good result. I recommend this class. Thank you!”

– Srikanth, online business owner

Let’s recap his 1st testimonial after our 2 days training

“Before coming to this course, I thought that there is not much for me to learn. But once I am here, there are a lot of things that Alan teach me. There are a lot of things to learn that only Alan can teach you. I recommend this class to anybody who is looking for search engine optimization. Come and join and it’s worth it!
– Srikanth 1st testimonial

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