Should you add Schema.Org markup on your videos despite being on YouTube

Updated on: 23 September 2014

Marketing videos are remarkable and highly recommended tools for online marketing as it can potential boost your traffic and leads genration. There are pressing topics in SEO which calls for good and proper ways to use and maximize marketing videos in a website. You can definitely optimize your site through videos to increase your visibility in Search Engine Results Page (SERP). One of the well-known ways to enhance your video marketing strategy is through using of Schema.Org markup.

Video Highlights

This video features the answer of Google Webmasters to the following query:

“Do you recommend adding Schema.Org video markup onsite for the purpose of getting your page with embedded video a higher spot in SERP? Rich snippets are basically and automatically added to Search Engine Result Pages particularly for YouTube video results. Is markup still necessary on top of the YouTube results or would it become redundant?”

  • In general, the uses of Schema.Org markup allows search engines such as Google to easily and efficiently interpret what really is happening on the page.
  • Always allow Google to call your page’s Java Script and CSS so that the search engine analysts could properly figure out the page and ideally crawl the video files in order to have a good interpretation of the context of the video involved.
  • In order for Google to have a comprehensive look on the video play page, adding markups such as is highly recommended. Accessing the video play page of the site allows the search engine analysts to crawl into the page and have an idea on what is going on with that particular site.

In order to get higher SERP ranking, you should:

  • Maximize the use of Schema.Org markups in your web page or site where there is a featured video involved. This give the search engines an idea what the video is all about.
  • Remember that it is not redundant to use markups even if there are already rich snippets added to the search engine results page in connection with the video results provided by YouTube.

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