September SEO Certification Graduates

Updated on: 1 October 2014

September SEO Graduates

Our September batch of SEO graduates. They are ready to outrank their competitors in Google!!

Here are some of their testimonials:

“I have some fundamental in SEO, but through this course I learn entirely white-hat SEO. I strongly recommend this course for anyone who want to learn about SEO.”

“I highly recommend Alan Koh’s SEO workshop. Alan is a very sincere coach… unlike most other Internet marketing course, this one is really the real deal because he teaches in a very intensive fashion and detailed manner.”

“Previously I been to a few other marketing courses which doesn’t really help. This course is quite in-depth and useful. I recommend this course.”

“Its a very hands-on course about SEO. I came from an Internet Marketing background and Alan’s SEO strategies is very practical and useful. I recommend this course.” 

“I benefit greatly from this course. If you are someone looking for a great teacher like Alan teaching you from A to Z of SEO, I highly recommend you to come see for yourself.” 

“Alan is very engaging. I recommend this course even for amateur like me. After 2.5 days I felt very empowered!”

“It’s a MUST MUST to attend this course and definitely you won’t regret.”

“Alan is very patient in teaching. Course is also good for layman. I recommend people who do not have IT knowledge.”

“Alan is a great guy, I learn a lot about SEO….. tips and tricks on SEO…. this is definitely a good course to come for.”

“I strongly recommend to any business owners and entrepreneur. Its a must have.” 

“He broke down the course into very simple points. It is definitely very useful for any business owner and I highly recommend this course.”

“Alan is a very good trainer and I highly recommend this course for all employers and even employees.”

“Alan is very humble and sincere speaker and he really know his stuffs.”

“Alan is very generous and patient teacher.”

“This course really help me even I have 2 years research in SEO. It really helps!”
Wang Nan

“SEO is helpful and I learn a lot of things out of it.”
Ming Lun

“A lot of useful information was shared by Alan.”
Qing Jun

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