SEO vs Social Media Marketing : The Battle Best Won Together

Updated on: 21 July 2014


Running an online business nowadays is not as simple or easy as it was a decade ago due to tough competition. However, it has certainly become convenient to manage your business with different SEO tools, latest techniques and social media. But many people debate over the issue of whether Social Media is actual winner or Search Engine Optimization (SEO) when it comes to bringing traffic to your site and converting leads into sales. This article would discuss, how it is a battle that is best won when together rather than being fought separately.

Role of SEO

The technical aspects of SEO to get higher rankings in search engines such as Google so that when your potential customers searches for your products/services, your website appears. The best part of SEO comes when all the leads to your website are free of charge! So, it is important and shouldn’t be neglected.

Role of Social Media

Had it been earlier years of 2000 we wouldn’t have seen a huge impact of social media when it comes to online success. However, since the last 5-6 years social media has emerged to be a great and very important factor to make your online business a success. With billions of monthly active users on Facebook alone and millions of users on Google Plus and Twitter – it’s a medium that cannot be neglected anymore.

Therefore, the key is to be present on social network in order to get as many followers as possible and then posting such content that can bring easily convertible leads to your website and social media can do a great job. It can help to garner those people who are already interested in your products thus making it easier to make sales. Not to mention the convenience it provides to spread a news whether it’s for a new product or offer, all your followers would know about it in a few hours to a few days (in some cases).

Joining Forces for Improved Results

SEO and Social Media are combined together then it would create a force that would surely improve your sales unless you don’t use them to their full potential. So, Social Media should be an extremely important part of your Online Marketing strategy and obviously you can’t overlook the SEO side (that goes without saying). Social Media would help to improve the already established online presence of your business whereas search engines are mostly impressed with hard-core SEO techniques. Google has also mentioned that social media will impact SEO rankings.

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