Ronald’s website is now on Google page 1!

Updated on: 9 December 2014

Ronald, a furniture shop owner, attended our SEO training 1 month ago. Now his business is flooded with enquiries as his website is found of the 1st page of Google.

Let take a look at his testimonial:

“I attended Alan’s SEO course 1 month ago. Before that, my website could not be found in any of the top 5 pages. After attending Alan’s course and I work on it with Alan’s instructions. 1 month later, my website is found on the 1st page. I have a few enquiries and I’m currently working on it to get the deals close. I highly recommend his course.”
– Ronald, business owner

Let’s recap Ronald 1st testimonial after attending our SEO training.

“Course is quite informative. On top of SEO, Alan also touch on web design which together is a powerful tool for me to create my business website.”
– Ronald 1st testimonial to Impossible Marketing.

Very very well done Ronald!

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