Review of Alan Koh’s SEO training – Ven of GD Group

Updated on: 25 September 2016
Photo of Ven taking video testimonial
Photo of Ven taking video testimonial

Ven is the co-founder of GD group. Under his care, GD Group operates a total of 8 outlets and 4 different concepts. The different dining concepts aim to offer customers a spectrum of options catering to different budgets for different occasions. For example, Penang St. Buffet, is popular with customers who want to celebrate special occasions. Penang Culture & Gurney Drive Signatures cater to customers who prefer a la carte style dining. Whilst Mamak Culture, is a cafe concept serving popular Malaysian dishes like “roti-canai” and “nasi briyani”.

Leading one of the most successful restaurant chains in Singapore, Ven identifies online marketing could help increase the awareness of his restaurants. He decided to join Alan (principal trainer of Impossible Marketing) SEO training to increase his restaurant websites online visibility.

3 months after applying what was taught in the SEO class, his websites are ranked on the 1st page of Google search. Now, he enjoys an average of 13k to 15k of unique visitors per month to his restaurant websites.

Let’s take a look at his testimonial:

Within 3-4 months time after applying his (Alan) method, our web pages manage to get from page 5-6 to page 1 (Google search results). What Alan teach us is systematic and simple to apply. So far now, on average, we got 13,000 to 15,000 unique visitors per month.
– Ven, co-founder GD group

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