Recommended online customer feedback tools

Updated on: 6 September 2016

Recommended online customer feedback

Nothing is as energizing as a positive feedback from your client. Clients’ feedbacks have hidden explosive power that rekindles the marketing team’s effort to conquer new challenges and outdo competitors. Using the feedback, you can understand the clients well and redefine the brand to what they want. Even with this reality, many people still find it difficult to pick the appropriate tools to gather the right feedback. The following are top feedback gathering tools for your brand and also measure the effectiveness of your online marketing campaigns.

Get Feedback

This is a carefully designed tool to help you gather feedback and analyze it for easier understanding. The tool allows you to create various types of surveys by customizing colors, texts, fonts, and images that are appealing to the respondent.

  • The survey is mobile responsive so that users can access via their mobile phones and complete it even when they only have a very short moment in the evening, walking, or even taking meals.
  • Because the survey is customizable, you can make the answers easy to use in a yes and no format or other detailed formats. You can even add rich media such as podcast and videos where necessary.
  • Once respondents fill the queries, the tool analyzes it so that you can get raw data and reports in graphs. You can interchange the types of analytics to give bar graphs, frequency distribution, and other presentations.


This feedback gathering tool is designed differently from others to help in gathering, managing, and responding to clients feedbacks. The tool is very strong software because you can schedule the surveys to be released automatically after some time to track the strength of your brand. By storing the address of respondents, it becomes easier for brand managers to reach those who gave negative feedback and telling them that everything has been addressed. The gathered data presented to brand managers in graphs and charts so that you can act on it immediately.

Client Heartbreak

When clients give negative feedback about your brand, the first thing is establishing where the problem originated from and then rectifying. Clients Heartbreak makes getting feedback easy and fun through carefully designed widgets that are customizable with varying colors and fonts.

Using the app, you can schedule later surveys to the members on the mailing list and others who have bought your service after 3 to 6 months later. More importantly, you can easily link the response of clients with respective departments in your company that could be having problems.


This is a very simplistic yet effective tool that is ideal for online business. The tool allows you to gather feedback and then come up with workflows for easy identification of the areas that are having problems. Though the plugin is easily customizable, it was designed particularly for services sector and hospitality companies. The tool can also be utilized to gather feedbacks within departments when management wants to test staff motivation.


By gathering customer’s feedbacks, brand managers are able to understand the effectiveness of their brands, follow the cause of problems, and even compare with competitors. Just like other analytics, your brand survey should be progressive to ensure that all efforts are taken to strengthen customer satisfaction.

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