Ramesh’s website ranked number 1 of Google search in 30 days time

Updated on: 1 May 2017

Ramesh was assigned by his company to increase online exposure for their website. They identify that SEO was one of the key online marketing campaigns they wanted to invest in. 1 month after attending our SEO training, his company website is now on page 1 number 1 position of Google search.

See below for his video testimonial:

“This year, our company decided to focus on SEO. We got a few company SEO quotations and it was very high. We thought why not we do it ourselves. We started searching for “SEO marketing” and “SEO classes”. Every time we search, impossible.sg was on top. If they can do the ranking themselves, why not we learn from them. After attending the class, within 30 days, I manage to bring my website to page 1 top 1. This is not possible if I have not attended the course.”
– Ramesh, Marketing Director

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