Patience Is Important for Quality SEO

Updated on: 6 March 2014


It is really important for every website owners to know that high quality Search Engine Optimization (SEO) takes time to show results. SEO results do not show up overnight and obviously there are some logical reasons behind that. This article will focus on why patience is important for quality SEO, help you understand it and what will be your role in all this.

Doing SEO Yourself

If you are going to do SEO on your site yourself then you might know very well that SEO is not an easy task and that it takes quite some time. Moreover, the results don’t show up just after a few days. If you’re not well-aware of this then you are not adequately experienced to do your site’s SEO yourself and should consider hiring an SEO firm because if you follow every other technique out there, you will end up creating a mess that you won’t be able to clean quickly and easily.

Hiring SEO Firm

While hiring an SEO firm seems to be the easiest option of leaving your online marketing job to someone else, it is not that convenient. It is important that you ask them how long it will take to show the results of the techniques they will apply. If their answer is that you will get rankings on the first page of major search engines within a month or so then there can be three scenarios or a combination of all three:

  • They don’t know what they’re doing exactly.
  • They are simply lying to get your businesses.
  • They will apply black-hat SEO techniques to get these results, but since all search engines forbid these techniques after some time your site will be pushed back to somewhere no one can find it or worse – delisted.

Patience in General

Patience in general is considered to be a very good and important trait of any person and with SEO it becomes quite essential. We all know that often we make poor decisions in hurry and end up regretting later. Now, if we do the same thing with SEO, we can try to fix it later but that fixing alone is a headache. Not to mention that you have to begin your SEO work from the page one. Obviously, you wouldn’t like that. Therefore, it’s better to make a right decision bit late rather than making wrong decision in hurry.

Why It Takes Time?

SEO techniques include a lot of work and different tasks. Search engines have different algorithms and ways to assess whether the applied techniques have been done properly or not. Obviously, there are hundreds of thousands of sites on the web and it takes quite long time before your site attracts the search engines. Therefore, normally you should keep 3-6 months in mind for results of your SEO campaign to show up whether it’s you who’s working or any SEO firm.

So, we hope you understand why you have to be patient when working on SEO of your site. Patience is the key here to make informed and effective decisions that yield positive long-term results.

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