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What is
Email Marketing

Video marketing means making use of video ads or organic video to inform, convince, and connect with audiences.

If you’re missing video marketing in your campaigns, you’re missing out a huge slice of the pie. In Singapore, the average person spends about 7.62 hours each week watching internet videos. By 2021, video is expected to make up 82% of all internet traffic.

Entertaining and easy-to-digest, videos are brilliant at transmitting your message to a wide audience. And the results prove it: 84% of people confess that they have been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a video! Ready to kickstart your video marketing strategy? Get started here.

What is
Email Marketing

Email marketing is a tactic that allows you to reach right into the inbox of your clients and potential customers.

From email blasting to subscription newsletters, many brands use email at some point in their marketing strategy. It’s unsurprising how email remains one of the best ways to keep in touch with clients and partners – in Singapore, over 90% of people use email!

While email may lack that trendiness that social media has, its advantage lies in the personal factor. With the possibility to customise messages and segment your mailing list, email can reap high ROIs of up to $51 for every dollar spent! Get started with email marketing to maximise your ROI today!

EDM Marketing Singapore 1M Users

Reach Out to More Than 1 Million Active Users

How would you like having over a million people hearing about your brand, all with the click of an email? You can count on our extensive database to do so! Our email blasting service is perfect for generating new leads quickly and efficiently.

Make it Personal

Unlike normal advertisements, email offers you the possibility of customising your message right to the individual. Simply addressing your recipient by their name can add a personal touch that leads to 16% higher click rates and transaction rates that are 6 times higher! Set yourself apart from your competition with email marketing!

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Email Blast Singapore

10 Years of Experience and Counting

We’ve been doing this for almost 10 years – you can bet we know what we’re doing. Since 2012, we’ve helped countless brands engage audiences with various digital marketing solutions, including email marketing. Tap on our strengths and let us give your business a boost!

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Email has an extremely high penetration rate – even more than social media platforms. This makes it one of the best ways to keep in touch with clients and prospects online. It is personal, quick, and cost-friendly, which results in a very high ROI compared to most other marketing methods.

Email marketing can help you get word out about your business’s latest happenings, promotions, or new products. It is also highly versatile. Brands can use it to send regular newsletters to existing customers, or use email blasting to source for new leads.

Email marketing is known to be a marketing strategy with the highest ROIs out there. It costs virtually nothing to send emails! Instead, what most people spend on are email marketing systems that help them automate the process. When you hire an email marketing company, you are also paying for content creation and marketing strategy. But if you do it yourself, email marketing can be extremely cheap – or even free.

Consider the type of email marketing your company needs. Are you looking to produce regular newsletter content, or a generic email for blasting purposes? Ask companies about their experience with email marketing, and the types of industries they have worked with. If possible, get them to share some case studies and past results of their email marketing campaigns. The right email marketing agency should be one that aligns with your business type and needs, and can deliver strong results for your brand.

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