Our November SEO Certification Course Graduate Students

Updated on: 2 December 2014

Congratulation to our November SEO course graduate students.
They have attended our 2 days SEO training and master the knowledge of building a website to be found at the page #1 of Google organic search results.



Here are some of their testimonials:

“I attended quite a number of SEO preview before and when I come to Alan’ SEO preview I was quite skeptical. I research on SEO and realise Alan is always on top, page 1 number 1. I decided to sign up and I never regret. Course is simple and straight forward. All you need to do is to follow his methods. I recommend his course.”
– Ashley, web developer

“I find Alan’s course very comprehensive. He gave us step by step guide on how to do SEO properly, what are the various component and how we can optimise our website. I strongly recommend his class.”
– Janice, business owner

“2 days workshop is full of knowledge, insights and strategies. Very interesting and very relevant. Alan is a very good and patient coach. He is able to explain a lot of SEO concepts in a understandable and relatable manner.”
– Kai, videographer

“I attended Impossible Marketing’s SEO course and I think its really useful. It give us insightful tips and its very actionable. Something that you can go home and do immediately. I highly recommend this course.”
– Albert, Point-Of-Sales solution provider

“In the past, we rely a lot of offline marketing and we realise that the response and calls are going down. We decided to go online and we have a website but our website was no where to be found. I came to this course and realise that my website has a lot that is not in place. I can’t wait to put what was taught in class to my website.”
– Leon, tuition business owner

“I feel that Alan’s course is very informative and very engaging. A lot of hands-on work and I learn a lot. I feel that he is genuine. After this course, I am quite confident that I can bring my website to better ranking and hopefully page 1 rank 1.”
– Benny, professional photographer

“Before I attend the course, I always feel SEO is a very tough and difficult topic. After Alan’s lesson, I feel that SEO may not be so complicated after his enlightenment. I would advise those who is keen to find out more to attend his course.”
– Eugene, business owner

“Alan is very knowledgeable. In all kinds of questions relating to SEO, he can answer in detail and share with you step by step. If you want to improve your ranking in Google, do come for the course.”
– Alex, property agent

“It was very very informative. I learn so much so that I know that I have a lot to do. Alan was also very engaging, there wasn’t a down moment in the class. He was funny and I didn’t feel sleepy at all.”
– Rebeka, online business owner

“I attended Alan’s class. The steps he break down into explaining to us is very simple and easy to understand. I would recommend his course to all my friends.”
– Klayton, property agent

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