Our March weekday SEO certification graduate students

Updated on: 26 March 2015

Our latest batch of students who attended our SEO training.

Here is our group photo:



Lets hear what they say about this course:

“I learn a lot of things, a lot of hands-on stuffs. I can’t wait to start on it. I recommend everyone to go for this course.”
– Zaid, business owner

“Very informative, very hands-on. This course is going to help me with my work…… and boost the business side of the company. Highly recommended.”
– Christy, hotel management

“Course is very informative. He (Alan) is very genuine in helping us to understand about SEO. I am glad that I am here to attend this course. Thanks!”
– Jackson, business owner

“I find this course very practical, there’s also a lot of hands-on. The pace is easy to follow. Alan is also very engaging.”
– Emma, marketing manager

“Course is very good, informative and very fun. Come join the program.”
– Gabriel, business owner

“Course is very informative. Now my webpage is not even anywhere on the top page….. but we will see 1 month later.”
– Gracies, business owner

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