October 2015 SEO certification course graduate students

Updated on: 6 November 2015

Our October batch of SEO graduate students. All of them are so passionate on Internet marketing and they are looking to dominate Google search results in 3 months time.

October 2015 SEO graduate students

October 2015 online marketing students

Check out their testimonials after our 2 days intensive SEO training:

“I just attended Alan’s course and I think it’s important to learn from the master. He has constantly shown that he’s been ranking number 1. If you want to look for SEO or who can teach you SEO, he is the guy.”
– Earnest

“I lived in Australia and I happened to be in Singapore. My sister went for Alan’s class. I joined it but I was a little cynical because I’ve attended classes in Australia where I didn’t feel I got my money’s worth. But I must say Alan’s class was absolutely fantastic because he covered all the salient points. I would sincerely like to thank Alan and his team for the brilliant job.”
– Jaya

“I’m really very impressed with the way Alan teach. When I attended this course, I found so many techniques that are not available on Google websites to exactly tell me what are the things to look out for. Alan was really good in highlighting the key important things, the Do’s and Don’ts. I hope in 3 months’ time I can rank Number 1”
– Vasanthi

“Before I attended Alan’s course, I went to read up SEO online. However, I still could not rank on the first page. Alan has been very informative and shared a lot of secrets and now I know what I am missing. I would suggest if you’re having problem ranking, you should attend this course to find out what you are missing”
– Andy

“I find the two days training very informative and gotten me surprised how we should do it effectively. It’s not just the ‘what’ but also the ‘how’. I feel I needed this much of skills and it will be a good start for me. I’m looking forward to the first review in a months’ time and also to network to improve my ranking.”
– Adrian

“I find Alan’s course very informative and I’ve learnt a lot of mistakes from my current website. I will make full use of what he taught me to improve my website, to get it ranked on the first page. The mistakes I learnt from Alan were very helpful to my idea of what SEO means because I didn’t know much about SEO before the course. Now, I can really do a much better website.”
– Jason

“I like Alan’s teaching because he makes sure everyone knows what they are learning. I had many questions and he is very patient to answer all my questions. I just ended the lesson and I feel very happy that I get to learn a lot from this course. Hope everyone can join”
– Candy

“Before I attended Alan’s course, I find SEO complicated. But Alan makes it very easy to understand. I would recommend to everyone
– Ben

“I know SEO on a surface and it’s something you cannot read a book about it. Alan has given clarity and explain it. He has jump-start my experience in SEO. Thank you.”
– Kelvin

“Before I attended the course, I’ve not set up a website before. Now, I feel like I have the basic sales. I feel like I can push my website up and get more traffic for my business.
– Dominic

“I just attended Alan’s 2 days SEO course. I find that Alan is very caring and he always attend to me if I’m not sure on certain topics. I really appreciate him.
– Joyce

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