November 2016 SEO certification course

Updated on: 20 December 2016

Our last SEO training for the year 2016! This time, we hold 3 different SEO classes for 3 different batches of students.




Let’s check out our latest batch of testimonials below:

“Prior attending to the SEO class I delved in SEO to a certain extent. But I must say that none of the other SEO courses and websites has trained us to be as good and has in-depth knowledge of Impossible Marketing. During the class, we learnt both on-site and off-site optimization which both are critical factors for any website owners or companies. I would like to thank Impossible Marketing for training us and allowing us to bring our website to the next level.” – Andre

“I would like to thank Alan for providing such insights in SEO. When I first started to do SEO for the website, I was totally lost. I was randomly grabbing tips that I could get from the internet without understanding the impact on my website. With Alan’s guidance, and also the case studies have provided me so much more insights. I am so excited to go back and try and improve my ranking. Thank you, Alan!” – Grace

“Before this class, I have no knowledge of SEO. After these 2 days, I have learnt a lot from the basic fundamentals of how to rank the website to page 1. I’ve learned all the important things that we have to take note and all the things that contributed to a good website based on SEO point of view. Alan is very patient and knowledgeable. He tries to explain and satisfy all of our inquiries. I am very happy to have attended this course.” – Jeep

“I attended the SEO course and I find it very informative. Alan is very knowledgeable and answered all the questions that I posted him. I really learn a lot in this course.” – Jorene

“From what Alan has taught in the class, I really learn a lot. And there is a lot of things that I did not know even though I have run my website for so long. Alan’s teaching is very good, comprehensive and easy to understand. I recommend this course to anyone who is interested.” – Kelvin

I have really benefited a lot from the class because I can remember almost everything that I have learned over the 2 days. I feel that I can apply it immediately. I am looking forward to seeing my website being ranked on page 1 ranked 1. Thank you very much, Alan!” – Ming Hui

“Previously, I have attended other SEO classes. Here, Alan is very patient.  I love doing websites but I do not understand any of the technical terms. Now, after attending Alan’s class for 2 days, I’ve understood the importance of backlinks. Hopefully, I would be able to rank!” – Ivy

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