November 2015 SEO students

Updated on: 5 January 2016

Our latest batch of SEO graduate students of 2015.




Let’s hear what they say about our SEO course.

“When I was researching I constantly see Alan’s website being ranked page 1 number 1 and I find that this is good. SEO is a life skill so I decided to attend this course. Alan is very helpful and knowledge. Now I’m looking forward for my website to be ranked on page 1 number 1. Come for it, it’s good.”
– Kiwi

Amongst all the class/courses that I’ve attended, Alan’s course is the greatest value of money. Alan really know his stuff, he teaches a lot and it’s really of full value. I have no regrets coming. Thanks Alan.”
– Jason

“The overall course for me is very structured and very well managed. Alan is very engaging and has given breaks in between the course to ensure that we get adjusted and comfortable. I strongly recommend the course and please do join.”
– Adam

Alan is really a good trainer and he explains the topic very well. He also gives very good advice on what to do and what not to do. I’ve learn quite a lot and it will benefit me a lot in the future.”
– Brandon

“I came for the course because I was not very familiar with internet marketing. After I attended this course, I find that Alan is a sincere person and is very willing to teach. Alan gives you greater value in the course than what you will be paying for.
– Shuan

“Overall, I find the course very helpful and Alan presented it in a way that it’s very easy to understand terms. I’m not a technical type of person but I still find it very clear. Before the course, I know some of the SEO concept, but Alan has helped me to put it all together. Hopefully in 6 weeks’ time I can get my website ranking to be better on Google.”
– Wei Lien

“I felt that the content was extremely useful. Alan’s course has reaffirmed me that this (SEO) is a very important aspect. Alan has certainly communicated a lot of confidence because of his knowledge in this field with his genuineness and for being very upfront.
– Philips

“I’ve been trying to do a number of things to understand Google, but I found that something is missing. I managed to find Alan and I find him very helpful. He knows everything and he knows what he is doing. It is an eye-opening for me.
– Kin Wei

“I would like to thank Alan for a very informative session. I have confidence to build up my website now after attending his course. I’m very thankful to him for being so open and for sharing a lot with us.
– Jamie

I’m here with my partner to attend a refresher course and we are planning build another website to dominate Google. Alan is a very nice guy and he is humble. He teaches us a lot and helped us from scratch. Up till now, we still find his course very comprehensive. Anyone who is interesting in SEO or Internet Marketing, please go for Alan.”
– Jayden

“I just set up my own website and I’m here to learn about SEO and how to rank it properly. I came for Alan’s course and I find it very interesting. You’ll definitely get to learn a lot, and Alan is very good.
– Roy

I find Alan’s course very engaging and very easy to understand for beginners like myself. Alan provides a very good structure for me start building my own website. Now I’m looking forward to rank my website in the future.”
– Amelia

“I attended the course and what I liked about it is that it’s not too technical and complicated as I thought that it would be. It’s a lot of hands-on and I learn a lot about SEO. Now it sounds less intimidating. I know what is the direction I should head forward to. I really look forward to see the results in a couple of months’ time” – Nazir

“I came here to learn more about SEO. It is a very enriching course and I learn a lot. It is recommended.
– Raymond

Alan is generous and I’ve learn quite a lot from him and he has covered a lot of topics on SEO which is required. I’m going home with a lot of information about SEO. Alan is friendly and I enjoy his class. I would definitely recommend everyone or anyone who wants to know about SEO to join his class.”
– Shilpa

I find that Alan is very patient and he makes sure that we understand every single techniques. I’m really looking forward to build my existing website and make it rank.”
– Ling Yi

“This course is very relevant to the current SEO. I find it very informative and very easy to understand. Alan is also very generous to his students and I find it very valuable for money.
– Nicholas

“Before coming for the course, I didn’t know much about SEO and I was a little confused after I read about it. After attending the course, I actually learned a lot and I believe I can put it into good use to rank my website.
– Dexter

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