Marketing tips Part-time Cleaners in Singapore should know

Updated on: 13 July 2018

Part-time cleaners are an excellent option for people who want to have a clean home but do not have time to do the cleaning themselves. Both part-time cleaners working as a freelancer or in an agency should promote their services through marketing campaigns. Here is what part-time cleaners in Singapore should need to know when marketing their services:

Establishing an online presence

While word-of-mouth can be useful, establishing an online presence by having a website and relevant business pages, can help to promote your website to more people. Your marketing campaign can become more successful if you have a professional website which signifies the legitimacy of your business, encouraging interested parties to hire you. You can further boost your online presence by having a well-crafted landing page to boost conversions and by using Lead Generation strategies like Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM). SEO helps to improve your ranking on the result pages of search engines, capturing the attention of people searching for a related keyword. While SEO is free, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) requires you to pay a particular amount when someone clicks on your Google advertisement.

Both methods can help to establish your online presence and improve your marketing campaigns, as more people will find out about your business. Subsequently, your conversion rates will increase once you attract more customers that engage your cleaning services.

Emphasise the benefits that can be gained

Instead of focusing on the features you offer, your marketing campaign should emphasise the benefits your customers can gain if they engage your services. By highlighting the benefits you can provide, you will be differentiating yourself from your competitors who are offering the same services as you. As a part-time cleaner, benefits you can offer include reducing your customer’s stress and allowing them to rest more, as they will not have to clean their home after work or during the weekends. You should also highlight how your professionalism and experience can help them have a peace of mind, diminishing their concerns about having a stranger clean their homes. It may also be helpful if you include feedback from past clients on your website or encourage them to leave you a review on your social media pages. With reviews supporting the benefits you can offer, potential clients may be encouraged to engage your services.

Begin social media marketing

Other than using SEO and SEM to advertise your business, you can also use social media marketing to attract more potential customers. By using social media to promote your services, you can direct more people to your website or even directly contact you for your services. That can be done through Facebook advertising, where demographic data parameters like age, occupation and location are used to determine the audience of your advertisement. With a more precise targeting of audience, the chances of people engaging your services will increase, as they will likely find your ad more relevant.

Part-time cleaners should consider establishing their online presence, emphasising the benefits they can offer, and try social media marketing. If you require assistance in marketing your services, you can contact a Digital Marketing Agency for help.

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