March 2016 SEO course graduate students

Updated on: 14 April 2016

Our March 2016 SEO course graduate students.
See below for their testimonials after our SEO training.

March 2016 SEO students

March 2016 SEO students private class

March 2016 SEO students private class 2

I learnt quite a lot these two days. Ultimately, the secret (SEO techniques) lies in the course. You should come and attend to learn the basics that you can’t even find in YouTube. It is very easy to digest. The money is well spent, don’t be stingy and just come!”
– Issac

“I’m from Australia and I’m having a vacation in Singapore. The reason why I’m here is because I wanted to learn something new. I wanted to learn SEO so I googled for “SEO” and I found Alan. After I attended the class, now I know the reason why he is number 1. The class is awesome! Please join the class and you will know the answer.
– Joseph

“I find the course really interesting. I came in with no knowledge in SEO and technical background. This course has enlightened me a lot on how to build website and SEO. The course is not technical and you should really come for it!
– James

Alan’s course is very good and it covers a lot on SEO. Alan is a genuine person and this is something that you can consider.”
– Clarence

“I joined this course because I want to know more about SEO. My page is always on the second or the third page and I’m trying hard to find out the things that I was missing. After the two days course, I found out many things that were missing. Now I’m going to try out (the techniques I’ve learnt)!”
– Nick

“It has been an interesting two days. This is a huge surprise to me because initially I thought the course would be too ‘techie’ and hard to understand. I’m really looking forward to try out what I’m learning.
– Corrine

“I didn’t know much about SEO before attending the course. Now after the course, it was extremely intensive. Long hours but really a lot of great content to cover. Now, I have all the confidence to go back to my website and get it ranked to where it needs to be.
– Nick

“I came to this course without a website and I do not have a business in mind yet. Internet is the way to go and SEO is a great way to promote your business and I think it is a very important skill. For someone who is very afraid of technology, I find this course fairly easy to follow and Alan shares a lot of practical tips and information which are all very actionable. And this is a really good course to come to. Thank you.”
– Rachel

“Before coming for this course, I thought that there is not much for me to learn. But once I am here, there are a lot of things that Alan teach me. There are a lot of things to learn that only Alan can teach you. I recommend this class  for anybody who is looking for search engine optimization. Come and join and it’s worth it!
– Srikanth

“The course has been pretty much worth it because I learnt a lot in the past few days. Which I think would have taken me a very long time to learn by myself.”
– Raynne

“I attended the two days course and I am very happy that I was here. Alan is really professional and he answers to all the questions with ample amount of knowledge.
– Mohan

“I learnt quite a lot and Alan is really a nice guy. It is a good course to go if you want to rank on Google. It (the class) was thorough and I can remember what I was taught. And I had a good time”
– Nick

“I find the course very useful and I recommend all of you to come for this course!”
– Aik Seah

I learn more about SEO and I find it very useful for me and my company! I hope you are able to join as well.”
– Rena

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