July weekend SEO graduate students

Updated on: 19 August 2015

Our July weekend batch of SEO students. Let’s hear what they say after our 2 days of intensive SEO training.

“I find Alan’s course very informative. When we have any questions, he will answer us even though it may not be related to SEO. He will try to explain everything. Very nice guy, teach us very well and most importantly course is not boring.”
– Junwei

“I learnt SEO on my own but I felt the difference lie in attending the course as Alan cast clarity to how I see SEO as a whole in a practical kind of view. He taught me the whole process of SEO.”
– Wesly

“In a nutshell, this course is very interesting. Alan is very sincere and really really helpful. Some of the other courses I attended outside, they’re too aggressive and for the things they say, they can’t really answer some of the questions.”
– Shao Jie

“I find Alan to be a really sincere guy, appreciate all his help. Really like the fact that the course is very focused and speedy and there were a lot of knowledgable helpers to help us out and things always got moving.”
– Kevin

“I think the class is great. For someone who does not have so much experience in Internet Marketing like myself, Alan manage to mash the basics and advanced techniques that he feel is intrinsic to rank well on Google.”
– Desmond

“I think the class is good and practical. Before the class, I do not know anything about SEO but after attending the class, it gives me new information about SEO.”
– Angie

“The course was informative and very useful, glad that I went. I learnt a lot of things that I can apply to my website. Really think that this course will help me to bring my rankings up a lot higher than they have been.”
– Konrad

“I find the course very beneficial and easy to understand. Alan is willing to teach us and let us know everything about SEO.”
– Qi Feng

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