July weekday SEO class graduate students

Updated on: 8 August 2015


Our July batch of SEO graduate students. They join us with the desire to learn more about Internet marketing and to rank well in Google search. And after the 2 days training, this is what they say:

“Very valuable and holistic course if you’re considering to implement SEO in your website. I been following them since 2013 and they have consistently been ranked number 1 and that itself proofs that they are really credible. Course is definitely worth it. You get in-depth teaching of everything that you need to know and Alan’s secret formula of how to get ranked.”
– Roy

“In the beginning, I was hesitant to take up this course. However, I was convinced after phone call and preview class with Alan. After completing the course, I am now confident that after 1 – 2 months of practice, with the special tips for website building and SEO, I think I can do it.”
– Safi

“Before coming to this course, I had some knowledge on SEO. To people out there who thinks that you actually have some knowledge on SEO, I would still strongly encourage you guys to come to Alan’s course as it gives us assurance that we’re on the right track. Whatever he is teaching is definitely useful in today’s market.”
– Ren Jing

“Throughout the 2 days course, I learnt a lot from Alan, he is a very humble mentor. I would like to attend more of his course if there are other new courses coming up.”
– Danny

“I have attended Alan’s course and I think that it is quite a nice course. They are sincere and put a lot of effort to prepare the course, I feel that I’m being taken care of. I would recommend this course to my friends.”
– Jason

“I know a bit of SEO as I did some research online however you won’t get the whole idea and can’t picture it out. I would recommend this course as Alan give us the whole structure so that we can follow through and it made things easier.”
– Andre

“I find the course very educational and I learnt a lot. Alan, our trainer, is very patient and I did not feel afraid to talk to him or ask him any questions. Highly recommend this course to everyone who has a business or needs to improve their marketing or rank number 1 on Google.”
– Jillian

“Attended this course to learn about SEO so that I will not be cheated by agency doing SEO for me. I think this is quite a good course and I recommend you to attend.”
– Adren

“I find the course very informative. Over the past 2 days, I really learnt a lot through what Alan have taught us.”
– Ben

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