July team bonding: Soy Candle Making Workshop!

Updated on: 3 August 2018

Last Friday, the Impossible crew took a break from our daily Digital Marketing activities for an afternoon of zen and tranquillity.

Our organisers had signed us up for a Soy Candle Making Workshop! We spent an innovative 3 hours exploring our creative potential 🙂

We’ll let the pictures below do the talking. Let us know if you see any insta-worthy creations!

Our Crafting Tools Awaiting Us
Boiling Our Soy Wax
The Different Essential Oils
Waiting For The Wax To Cool Down
Pouring The Melted Wax
Decorating Our Candles
Our Creations
Don’t These Look So Edible?
We Have A Smiley Face Here
Voila! Our Proud Creations!

Thank you Candescent Box for facilitating this workshop! We had an enjoyable afternoon unleashing the inner Van Gogh in us 🙂

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