July batch of students

Updated on: 4 August 2014

Our July batch of SEO students.
They are ready to outrank all their competitors in Google.

Capping to 10 students per class for maximum engagement.
Capping to 10-12 students per class for maximum engagement.

Lets hear what they say after attending our online marketing training.

“Alan’s program is very engaging. He is really genuine in imparting all his SEO knowledge to his students. This is really a good class to attend to master SEO.”
Paxton, logistic software business owner

“Very in depth on SEO. This is a MUST-TAKE course!”
Jacky, Property Agent

“Content is broken down into very simple steps for us to understand….. course is value for money.”
Joey, Event business owner

“I learn really a lot from Alan, he is very enriching and I recommend anyone who is interested in SEO to join us.”
Bee Kuan & Alanis, keen to start their online business

“Alan offers very practical and good tips on SEO, he really spend his dedicated time to coach everyone in class.”
Chin Chuan, business owner

“Im not well-verse in selling my services, this course taught me a lot of practical skills that I can use straight away.”
ZhenHua, Web developer

“I have little bit knowledge on SEO but he has share ALOT of valuable information of SEO in class.”
Daniel, Property agent

“I learn a lot of new things that I never heard of it before.”
James, multiple business owner

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