July 2016 SEO certification course graduate students

Updated on: 19 August 2016

Say “hello” to our latest batch of SEO certification course graduate students – July 2016 batch. Very happy to have multiple requests to launch an additional class (a private class) in July too!

They are here to enhance their online marketing skills especially SEO. They are ready to outrank their competitors!

July 2016 SEO training batch 1

July 2016 SEO training batch 2

July 2016 SEO training private class

Let’s take a look at their video testimonials:

“I find this (course) very useful because Alan conveys his message very easily in order to understand and for laymen, it is easy for them to graph the idea fully. Alan went through the exact same thing that he has been through to put himself in the number 1 spot in the search result page. And I find this important to learn the actual practical method from him to get the top rank. I highly recommend this class to everyone.”
– Alvin Ding

“At first, I was a bit skeptical about the course. But after attending the course, I realized that Alan really understands what Google wants and I find that important as it will help us get better ranking in Google. This is a useful course and I am excited to try to see if my website can actually rank.”
– Jesley

“I have been following SEO for quite some time and I found Impossible Marketing. I browsed his website and I found out: ‘SEO’ keyword Number #1, ‘Internet marketing’ Number #1, wahhh this guy very powerful! I was curious to find if it’s genuine. I went for the preview and I can feel that Alan is very sincere to share what he knows. I took only 1 day to decide (to attend the course). I asked a lot of questions and Alan is very patient. Over these 2 days (of training) I feel that my investment (for the course) is worth it. I have a clear mind on what is SEO and I know how to apply it.”
–  Kai Teck

“We came to Alan’s course and before this, we did not know anything about SEO. We find the course very easy to understand, and we could start from scratch. We learn many things from the course and we hope to apply it to our websites get ranked to the first page of Google.”
– Edmund & Stevie

“It was packed with useful information and you can really tell that Alan is really sincere in sharing his knowledge and skills in what he knows. I would recommend this course to anyone. I am a beginner in online marketing business but I this (course) has given me a good head start.”
– Alvin Wang

“I find it (course) very informative and I find it overwhelming. You will definitely benefit a lot by attending the course because you are getting the source from the person who has achieved results.
– Colin

Alan and the team taught us very well and it is very good for people like me who are not to well versed with the internet. I hope to be ranking in the near future.”
– Franklin

“I just attended Alan’s course and it’s good. I’m from Perth and while I was here for a quick holiday, I attended the course. The course is that good as he (Alan) can really show results.
– Sal Jumat

“I attended Alan’s class and it is very useful. Alan is a sincere speaker.
– Jirin

“After going to Alan’s preview, I am convinced to attend the course. After going through the class, the class is well organized and the topics are relevant.
– Felix

I find the class very enriching and we learned a lot of stuff, it is very concise and all my questions were answered. I can’t wait to get started on my website.”
– Clement

I find the course interesting and the trainer (Alan) provide very powerful information and it really helps me to understand what is SEO.”
– Mei Fong

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