Jason’s website have several keywords on the 1st page of Google search!

Updated on: 4 August 2016
Photo of Jason taking testimonial
Photo of Jason taking testimonial

Jason, a local business owner, wants to increase his online sales. He explored different options and find search engine optimization most suitable as he wants free and sustainable leads for his business. He googled for “SEO Singapore” and found Impossible Marketing‘s website ranking number 1 in Google organic search results. Feeling inspired, he decided to join our SEO training course.

3 months after applying what was taught in the course, his website is now ranked on the 1st page of Google search for several keywords. See below for his testimonial:

See below for his testimonial:

“I attended Impossible Marketing course in April 2016. After that, I went back and started applying the things that were taught in the 2 days course. I am glad to report that from April to July my website has increased views by 50%. We are also ranking now on page 1 for several keywords that we are targeting. Very happy with that. Thanks to Alan and his team.”
– Jason, business owner

Let’s recap Jason 1st testimonial after the training.

I find the class very useful and a lot of practical things that I can implement straight away.
– Jason, 1st testimonial

Last we checked, Jason actually has a few keywords ranking on the number 1 position (not only on page 1). He is being humble in his video testimonial.

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