January weekend SEO course graduate students

Updated on: 13 February 2015
Congrats to our graduate students
Congrats to our January weekend batch of graduate students

An awesome start to 2015! A new batch of students and they are ready to dominate Google search results with the newly acquired SEO skills.

Lets hear what they say about our SEO training:

“Before I come to this class, I attended many other SEO courses. I tried some of the techniques that I learn in those courses to build my website. Despite all the efforts I put in, my website is not ranking very well. The reason I find is that those courses I attended focus a lot on theory. The good thing about Alan course is very practical base. In these 2 days, I learn a lot of practical techniques that I can apply. Im sure with all this put in place, my website will rank very well. I recommend anyone who are interested in SEO to take up this course.”
– Edward

“I enjoy this course very much because its very informative. Alan is really really very good because he is very patient. He really give a lot of information and he really guide you through so you don’t feel stress. Any question you do not know you can just ask him anytime, he will be more than happy to assist you. His team is very helpful too. I strongly recommend this course for those who is keen to learn more about SEO. At first myself is very skeptical but now I know it really helps.”
– Alison

“This course is really very practical. Alan really show what we need to do for SEO. There is a case study, so you really know what are the things you need to tweak, you need to change to improve your traffic. It really matters a lot. I really recommend people who want to improve their traffic or to 1st page of Google to attend Alan’s SEO course.”
– Vance

“All the SEO questions has been answered. Alan has been really patient with me and he is really knowledgeable. I recommend this course to any who likes to learn about SEO.”
– Don

“Course is very hands-on, with personal mentors attached to me along the way. It was easy for me to implement the learning. He (Alan) share the strategy with me live without hiding anything. He was so willingly to share his knowledge. Thank you!”
– Fazel

“Some very good stuffs on the content of what Alan taught us. Its not as overly complex as what I though. Its very interesting and engaging.”
– Adrian

“This course is really helpful and useful. Thanks to Alan.”
– Jamie

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