“I managed to rank 60% of my products on page 1 of Google search” – Edison

Updated on: 10 August 2015
Photo of Edison taking testimonial
Photo of Edison taking testimonial

Edison has been working on his website for more than 2 years but could not rank.  He even outsource his website to some SEO agency but his website could only found on page 6 of Google search.

He was recommended by a friend to join our SEO training and he did. We are glad to share that Edison website is now on the 1st page of Google search for multiple keywords.Let’s take a look at his testimonial.

“Before I attended this course, I actually paid people 300-400 USD per month just to rank my website. Results wasn’t that good as my website was ranked on page 6-7. I spend about 2 years working on my website. After attending Alan’s course, I managed to correct a lot of elements in my website and I managed to rank 60% of my products on page 1. Thank you Alan!!”
– Edison, property agent

Well done Edison. Make sure 100% of your products are found on page 1 of Google!!

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