“I managed to get my website ranked to page 1 number 2 within a month!” – Yew Chai

Updated on: 14 January 2017
Photo of Yew Chai taking video testimonial

Yew Chai, an online marketer for a property management company was given a task – get more visibility online. He notices that his company website is not getting any leads online as it was not found in Google, Yahoo or Bing. He did a lot of research online and found Impossible Marketing and decided to join our SEO training course.

After applying our strategy, in 1 month time, his company website is ranked on the 1st-page position number 2 of Google search. His company is getting leads now every day.

See below for his video testimonial.

“The SEO class has helped me a lot. My website initially wasn’t found in Google, Yahoo or even Bing. After attending the class, I have tried applying the strategy. I managed to get my website ranked to page 1 number 2 within a month! The strategy is definitely helpful. I have gone through online strategies and looking through other people’s strategy, but none of it actually helps me. But with Alan, within a month, I managed to get my website to page 1. If you really need help, Alan is the person you should look for.” – Yew Chai

Let’s recap Yew Chai 1st testimonial after completing our course.

I find Alan’s course amazing and now I understand what I am doing and I’m sure that this will help my company”
– Yew Chai 1st testimonial

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