How does blog help in SEO?

Updated on: 24 March 2014


Being in business, your focus would naturally be to rank at the top of SEO search results. In online business where the competition is beyond imagination and of course way beyond your liking, you need to be equipped with the best online marketing tools to survive. If your aim is not to just survive but to succeed, you need to put these best of tools to effective use. This is exactly why you need to blog to promote your website. Blogging is one of the most important marketing tools to popularize your website. Let us see why.

How Blogs Work?

Blog gives your website the kind of exposure you would not have imagined in your wildest dreams. Many start blogging as just another attempt to see if it would work out. On the contrary, if you work at it with conviction and be persistent in your efforts, you would find the results too good to be true.

Maintaining blogs complies with the golden rules of running a business effectively. Here is how they work for you.

Encourages Traffic

An active blog attracts traffic. Needless to point out that ‘traffic’ is the word that is most loved in online business. When you post content that is useful to the end user and do it again and again, you will soon find the traffic increasing. When the reader finds your content interesting and informative, you will be having not only repeat customers but new readers as well. Add links back to your website in your blog posts and you will see that your sales increase in proportionate to the increase in traffic.

Builds Trust

The most important trait a buyer looks for in a seller is honesty. You need to build trust to make your prospective customers consider you reliable to deal with. It is not only your competitors that  make things tough for you but it is also the spammers in online who make customers wary of every website that is new to them. Hence, it is essential to build trust. Blogging is one of the best ways to develop rapport with prospective buyers. Unlike the content in website, which is static, you can post new updates in your blog and thus make your customers feel your presence wherever they are. When you allow them to comment on your blogs and respond, your creditworthiness improves greatly.

Creates Brand Awareness

Is this not every business is hoping to achieve? Creating brand identification for your products and services is essential as the prospective user will recall your product the moment the need arises. Commercials played on televisions and advertisements in newspapers hope to achieve brand identity. In online business, your blogs take over the task with comfortable ease. If your blogs have compelling information, useful updates and reviews, users will start looking for your opinion before they venture into buying. They are more likely to act as your ‘word of mouth advertisers’, which will make your brand more popular.

Superior Customer Service

Blogging regularly ensures that you are visible, which is what a customer loves most. The buyer would like to feel the presence of the seller and would want to have a platform where he can interact with the seller. Using your blog, you can keep your customers and prospective buyers updated on the events happening in your business including arrival of fresh stocks, special offers and a lot more. They know where to look for when they need information if you keep your blog update. Will a customer be happy with a post that is dated three years back or a post that is dated yesterday, if not today? With active blogs, customers know you are around and you are doing active business and you know what you are doing. These are the sellers customers look for. You can offer them superior customer service and they will bring in more business.

Blog Spells Success

Your blog represents your business, your ethics, your knowledge on your subject and most importantly, your willingness to serve your customers in the best way possible. Your blog is your voice. When your blog has the friendly approach to customers while at the same time stamping authority in your line of activities, you will soon be on the favorite list of your ever-growing customers.

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