How can I get examples of bad links to my website?

Updated on: 12 February 2015

Web masters often faces challenges in their online marketing strategy. One of the major issues that web masters encounter when maintaining websites is being penalised for having bad links on their websites. Since bad links are quite difficult to identify, they are concerned that Google will be taking action on the sites without them even knowing which links are bad. A question that is related to the above mentioned concern has been raised to Google’s spam search team and Matt Cutts, took time to clearly provide a response to the query.

Video Question

“Client got unnatural link warning in September’12 without any example links, 90% links removed, asked for examples in RR but no reply, shouldn’t it be better to have live/cached “list” of bad links or penalties in GWT? Think about genuine businesses”

Highlights of the Video:

  • Google is currently looking for possible ways to increase and provide examples with the messages that they send to web masters on a more regular or consistent basis.
  • He also suggested that asking for examples alongside their reconsideration requests is not that advisable since RRs, even though they are thoroughly read, are only open for a small number of replies per request – such as letting customers know that they’re requests have been approved or if they still need to do more work for their requests to be processed.
  • He also mentioned that the responses are often limited to a yes or no basis. And since there is a very thin line between their requests from being completely processed and those that are left open for action.
  • Matt Cutts suggested that customers should make logging on to the Webmaster Tools console a habit to find out more about bad links and to search for examples.
  • Customers can also visit the Webmaster Tools forum to see if they can find  information on the topic, or if they can reach out to those who have experienced the same situations.

In order to improve your SEO rankings, you should:

  • Do not engage in any links buying activities. If your links are unnatural, your websites may be penalised by Google Penguin algorithm.
  • Build links the natural way by creating great content. Everyone loves interesting and compelling content. If your website add value to your readers, they will share your content with their friends with a link on their social media.
  • Login to Google webmaster tool and check for unnatural link. If there are unknown websites linking to you, email these websites to remove it them. Alternatively, you can disavow those links.

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