Hairun no longer spends on advertising and make an additional 3k per month.

Updated on: 23 July 2015
Picture of Hairun taking testimonial
Picture of Hairun taking testimonial

Hairun, a Maxicab driver struggles to get customers. He explore many online marketing platforms and find Google most effective. He tried Search Engine Optimization (SEO) but he did not ranked well in Google. Therefore, he decided to spend on Google Pay Per Click advertising to get more customers.

By chance, he got to know about Impossible Marketing and decided to sign up our SEO training course. 2 months later, his website rose to page 1 number 2 position in Google search. Since then his income has increased and he has stopped spending on paid advertising.

Let’s take a look at his testimonial:

“Before I attended his (Alan) class, I already know a little about SEO but I didn’t rank well. After attended his class, my website appears page 1 number 2 on a very competitive keyword (4000+ monthly searches).

Before I attend the class, I been spending about $2000 per month to get leads using Adwords. After attended his class, I practice what he has taught and I already stop spending my $2000 monthly and on top of that I am making ADDITIONAL $3000 per month. (A difference of $5000 per month.)”
Hairun – Maxi Cab Driver

Well done Hairun and thank you for believing in our training. =)

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