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Attend our Digital Marketing Workshops and Courses for FREE! See below for our list of 6 Digital Marketing Workshops/Courses. They are free to attend but seats are limited. Besides the 6 free courses, you can also visit our marketing courses that are 100% payable using your SkillsFuture Credits –

Shoptiq by Singtel

The estimated E-commerce user penetration in Singapore is expected to hit 74% in 2020. By 2040, 95% of all purchases will be done online.

Impossible Marketing is proud to be the EXCLUSIVE training partner for Singtel’s e-commerce platform – Shoptiq.

Shoptiq was built with the sole purpose of assisting budding businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs in achieving an online presence. With a vast array of user-friendly solutions, i.e., support in choosing the right technology, integration with multiple marketplaces and a strong network of partners both locally and globally – discover and learn exactly how to maximize its potential to fit your own goals.

Google Digital Marketing Event

Impossible Marketing is co-hosting yet another exclusive event with Google Singapore!

It is a great opportunity to learn from Google Ads expert about how to grow your business with Google Digital Marketing solutions!

As a member of Google Partners, we have access to tools and insights that can help us grow our business. The program also gives us a direct connection to Google; with access to special events, training, and Google product updates, our agency is on the cutting edge of digital advertising. Attend this free event to understand the importance of digital advertising, industry trends, and the benefits of working with Google-badged agency.

SEO Preview by Impossible Marketing

Search Engine Optimization (also known as SEO) is a form of Internet Marketing strategy that can place your website at the top of search engine results (e.g. Google, Yahoo and Bing) for the keywords and phrases related to your business.

At Impossible Marketing, we believe the best way to prove our SEO abilities is to show you the ranking result of our own website.

Try it out yourself and Google any of the above keywords (eg. “SEO Services Singapore”) and you will find us #1 in Google organic search results (not paid advertisements).

Want to rank your website like us? Attend our free preview to find out more.

Digital Marketing Preview by Impossible Marketing

What happens when your potential customers Google about the products/services you are offering? Can they find your website in the search results? At Impossible Marketing, we believe the true value of a website is determined by the number of quality leads it can generate.

During this free preview, we will be sharing about the Pros and Cons of SEO (getting your traffic for free via the organic method) vs PPC (getting your traffic via Google paid ads). It is a MUST attend for all business owners who want to get customers from Google search engine.

Online Business Preview by Impossible Marketing

Yes, we all know the advantages of starting an online business (no rental fee, no employees required, flexible working hours, minimum capital, work from the comfort of your home or anywhere in the world and many more).

The truth is, many online businesses still fail today. Below are some of the reasons why:

They do not know what their customers are looking for (no market research is done). They have the ability to build the most beautiful websites and procure an inventory of the cheapest products but are unable to get customers to visit their website. They spend too much on high-cost advertising. At Impossible Marketing, we have helped many individuals succeed in building their online businesses and achieve their dreams to be an entrepreneur. 

Impossible Network (Private Event)

Impossible’s networking event started back in February 2015. We believe there are “Infinite Possibilities Online” (our company slogan) and we also believe there are Infinite Possibilities Offline. This is why we bring our clients, students and business partners together every quarter, with the aim to build a community that can help each other.

We also provide Digital Marketing updates during this quarterly event so that our community is always updated with the latest marketing strategies.

Note: This is a closed event and is only available for our clients, students and business partners.

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