December SEO Certification Graduate Students

Updated on: 19 December 2014


Our December batch of SEO Certification students. Congratulation!!

Let’s hear what they say after our SEO training:

“This is one of the best course I have attended. Its very hands-on and very practical. Very good teacher as well. A very good overall course.”
Andreas, business owner

“I find the workshop very useful. Alan is very genuine and willing to share his knowledge and secrets…… I will recommend to my friends.”
Francis, business owner

“Alan is a very sincere guy. He genuinely wants to help. He does not keep secrets, he very open to his tactics…. Its very worth it!”
Gary, runs a family business

“For me, I am not IT incline, I don’t know about website design and optimization….. I find Alan’s course easily understandable…. I strongly recommended this course.”
Ben, business owner

“I find the course useful and resourceful. It’s intensive but we actually learn a lot from it. I will recommend my friends.”
Dale, office furniture supplier

“After attending the course, I think its really value for money. There are other SEO courses…. but most importantly if you want good SEO, real “Kung fu”, I recommend Alan.”
Ronald, property agent

“The 2 days course is very good. Give me a very clear picture on SEO. I am more confident in building my website….. Highly recommended.”
Francis, keen to start online business

“I find it (SEO training) very helpful. Alan has given us a lot of insight and tips on how he has done well himself. I hope to apply those technique and hopefully rank #1.”
Jason, business owner

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