CK’s testimonial review after attending Alan Koh’s SEO course

Updated on: 15 September 2017

CK, a business owner selling time-lapsed cameras in Singapore and overseas, was struggling to get leads online. He has been searching for online marketing solutions to get him more customers. By chance, he landed on our website and decided to sign up for our SEO training course.

Initially, most of his keywords are stuck at page 3-4 of Google search. After applying the SEO strategy that was taught in the class, his website is now ranked page 1 ranked 1 for a few keywords!

Let’s take a look at his video testimonial:

After the class, I applied the different SEO tips. In 2 weeks, I was ranked page 1 rank 1 for a few of the keywords. It was something really fulfilling!”
– CK, small business owner

Great job CK. After ranking page 1 rank 1 in Singapore, you can now challenge yourself to rank in (global market) instead of only

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