Cherie achieved Google Page 1 ranking

Updated on: 11 July 2014
Photo of Cherie taking testimonial

Another student of Impossible Marketing achieved top Google ranking during her 1st review (5 weeks after attending our full SEO course).

Let’s take a look at her testimonial.

“Attended SEO course 5 weeks ago… now I have a few keywords which are already on the 1st page of Google!”
– Cherie, Propnex agency director

Yes, she is 50 years old this year and she did it! When we 1st met her, she was very scared of computer and Internet Marketing as she claimed that she is “not IT Savvy”. Our team manage to convince her to try and now she have a few keywords ranked page 1 of Google Search Results Page (SERP).

Let recap her 1st testimonial after attending our Internet marketing course.

Make complicated SEO into very very simple steps for us…. You must come attend this class and never pay thousands and thousands of dollars for people to do SEO for us
– Cherie, 1st testimonial after the course.

Great job Cherie. You made us proud!

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