Best remarketing strategies for Google AdWords users

Updated on: 29 September 2016


One of the best online marketing methods is remarketing because the target audience understands more about your brand. Visitors who were very close to converting to sales might have walked away because of distraction or were simply undecided. To be successful in your remarketing strategies, here are some useful tips to apply.

Use dynamic remarketing as opposed to static methods

AdWords allows you to add a custom feed in the business data part. You can showcase great ads in areas like local deals, jobs, real estate, travel and even education. Make sure to change the AdWords remarketing code into dynamic to add more variables. Research has shown that dynamic remarketing ads will bring more conversions and higher ROI compared to static ads.

Utilize YouTube for remarketing

Today, many people are still not using YouTube because they either lack the requisite videos or do not believe it can bring serious traffic. In remarketing, just like other ads that target direct response, you can add a video clip about your product before the main video. This is commonly known as video marketing. If you do not have the right video or the budget is limiting, you can use Wooshii that connects you to experts who will prepare great ads to include in YouTube videos. You can opt to show your brand videos about 30 seconds before the main video begins or after the video. Your remarketing targets will be enthralled to see demonstrations of the products they failed to buy a few days ago. YouTube can be more appealing compared to common ads.

Integrate AdWords with Google Play

In your AdWords, go to the settings and navigate to Google Play Station. The Google Play section will prompt you to create an account that will directly link with AdWords. Then, select remarketing lists are going to be added automatically enabling you to come up with engagement campaigns for all the people who have visited or used your app. For example, you might opt to show the ad to people who have used your business app for the last month or used the latest version.

Consider using data from other brands

Getting the right remarketing lists has always been an uphill task for digital marketers. For brands that have Google Industry Managers, it is advisable to consider sharing the audience with partner brands. While sharing an alliance with other brands is never easy, you can always agree to share some aspects such as remarketing lists in AdWords. Google provides a form for such agreement so that you can formalize the agreement. To use this strategy, ensure to partner only with companies that have an audience similar to your own in many aspects. Besides, you do not want to strike a deal with competitors. To use this remarketing strategy, make sure to update the privacy policy and review the ads to be showcased to targeted audience.

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